Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kuladaivam or Family Deity

Madurai Veeran
It is our Hindu (Specially South Indian) Tradition that each family have a family deitiy called KULA DEIVAM. These Kula Deivams are considered as the ANCESTRAL God..meaning our forefathers and relatives have been worshiping that god for ages. It is the unshaken belief of most of the Hindus that these family deities take care of our family and save from all hardships and hindrances. In south u have what is called the "kula deivam' or the ancestral god..meaning our forefathers and relatives have been worshiping that god for ages..Every family has a guardian angel called Kula Deivam (Kulam -- Lineage/Family, Deivam -- God). This in most communities tend to be different from the Hindu Gods that are generally worshiped in a common temple. A temple to a Kula deivam constructed in one's ancestral village/town, will have it as the main deity (Sanctum Sanctorum) while other Gods may also be present in the periphery. The Kula deivam can be formless as well. People who have migrated to other places still visit their ancestral village/town and pay their respects by offerings (animal sacrifices(by some people only) /donations /charity /breaking coconuts) and feasting (called pongal -- which is also the name of Thanksgiving festival and a dish made of rice). Since in most villages, people of the same community tend to be related, everyone will have the same Kula Daivam.People visit the temple of their Kula Deivam every year and make special pujas from their family. Mostly these Kula Deivams would be Marriamman Iyennar type, who are considered the great deities in the villages.
About five years back Mani kuttan's father told us about the find of Madurai Veeran stone statue which has been installed at Tirupapalliyur and a poojari takes care of the small temple , the place is on the way to Papanasam from Kumbkonam, the temple has been built with Ramani our cousin and others taking care of the construction and now it is well looked after. The full details of the Maduraiveeran's find and how the same is considered our family deity has to be obtained from Mani, this Kuttan can help find out the details from his father. However our Kuladaivam is the Swamy malai Murugan and the other place mentioned above is not very far off from Swamy malai it can be visited without any problem when any body visits Swamy Malai.


bhuvani said...

Thank you, Chitappa. Yes, it would be nice to know about Madurai Veeran- so this is another name for Lord Murugan?

Seeing the sword in Madurai Veeran's hand, I was wondering of the significance. the name appears to indicate a warrior God. How does link with Brahmins, Kshatriyas and others. Also does this have any link with the finding that we may be in the line of descendants of Chattrapathy Shivaji?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bhuvani,
Madurai Veeran is not another name for Lord Muruga. Muruga is the second son of Shiva, and he is an eternal God. That is, he has descended down to the earth, he has'nt lived on earth, whereas deities like Madurai Veeran, Ayyanar, Kathavarayan, Kandobarayan, Swami Ayyappan, are those who lived in a human form on this very earth, in our country. Moreover, it is not necessary that the Kula Deivam is different from the Gods whom we normally worship. For example, my Kula Deivam is Durga, whereas some others have Venkateswaraswamy. And regarding you saying that he is a warrior God because he has a weapon; all Gods have a weapon in their hands to destroy evil. And yes, some Brahmins and Kshatriyas have these village deities as Kula Deivams. Though I am in no way connected to such deities, I have unflinching faith in them, and consider them as dear children of Shiva or Vishnu. And such deities cannot be compared to noble kings like Chatrapati Shivaji, because the kings exhibited only courage, but the deities mentioned above not only exhibited courage but also divinity and compassion.
I hope this helps!!

sethu said...

Madurai Veeran swamy is our Family deity and is located at Aharapettai Nemam Post near Tirukkattupalli Tanjore District tamil nadu. The deity is on the banks of Kaveri river and one Velar is doing pooja. I have replaced the slightly damaged idol and did kumbabhisheka on 16 th Sept 2005 and many who have this as family deity attended the function and now go totemple on all important occassions in their house to pray and start weddings births

sethu said...

Now I am placing tiles in the santum sanctorum of Maurai veeran swamy temple at Aharapettai nemam post Tamilnadu and repairing flooring etc.All my relativs and others who have this as their Family deity are donating for this work.Many have full faith in him as Madurai veeran will help in need and protect us during troubled

Manju said...

ours is alsomadurai veeran is kuladeivam.Is there any temple near kurunjipadi.Is it necessary we should go to the same place where our elder generations went ? Or can we go to the place nearby?

ജോ said...

Dear Sir,
I am a research student doing Phd in social ethics. I was in search of the tradition of 'family deity' in south India and came across your article. Can you suggest me some articles or books on this topic.
In faith Joe Philip

subramaniam Gurumurthy said...

how do i find who is my kula daivam or kula devi, since i dont know..?

gowri shankar said...

Dear All, I am very happy and thankful to everyone about our ancestral god. Fortunately i am planning to visit to kula deivam temple, just looking route in internet, suddenly gods grace i found the direct blog about our ancestral god. Very happy. Gowri Shankar Ramanathan, S/o of Ramanathan Venkatraman - 9944361373

The Silence Within said...
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The Silence Within said...

Only in the last 100 years, we have been migrating to urban areas for various reasons.
Otherwise, generations would have lived in the same village and worshiped at the same temple. Hence the Kula-Deivam concept is very valid and true.
Now, we have been out of the village with our ancestral for 1 to 3 generations and few of us try to maintain the touch with our roots.
Is this Madurai Veeran temple close to Kumabkonam (East of Kumbakonam?) on the way to Thiruvidaimarudur / Ammachatram? Have been there once.
My maternal grandfather was from Teparamanallur (& Madurai Veeran his Kula-Deivam).

k said...

Hi friends my self karthi me and my dad searching aver family God ,,aver God name is "kula veeran" the temple is near Madurai ,,,if any one know plz share me,,,

Ishwaar - Atmosphere said...

Dear sir,

I don't know who is should be my KulaDeivam.
How to find it.
I get to know my forefather from Sithali & Ambiagram.

Herin Stylo said...

Then tell me what is the real name of madurai veeran


Dear sir,
I don't know who my KulaDeivam.please help me to find my Kula daivam and how to find it.
My Native is Chirala, Prakasam Dist., Andhrapradesh.
My fore fathers hails from Chirala, but my grand father settled in Guntur, Andhrapradesh near to Chirala. Iam living in Hyderabad for past 55 years.
Rabi Kumar Muntha.

Latha Nanthagopal said...

A fren of mine is also in search of their kula theivam. Any idea how to find out?

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

Im would like to get more information for a Kula Deivam called "Thavasiandi".
Kindly,let me know if anyone have information about this Kula Deivam.
Thank You.


Vinoth Lallu said...

Hi friends we don't no Which God Kula deivam for kaavur naidu's,if any one knows please reply,or tell how to search.
Contact No:8939655912

kumarabalan periasamy Abraham said...

Muthu samy

kumarabalan periasamy Abraham said...

hi need guidance for anyone frm malaysia...i dont know my kula what my father says,grandfather from malaiyanur tamil nadu,and my grandmother frm senji....