Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pateeswaran Temple Kumbakonam

Durga Devi @ Pateeswaram

Temple Entrance
The Pateeswaram temple at Kumbakonam is a beautiful temple built by the chola kings.
Mother Sakathi did perform askesis standing on one foot on this holy spot. Celestial cow Kamadhenu had four daughters , of them Patti came and propitiated this place .Lord sri Rama to expiate for his killing Ravana came here , did establish Sivalinga and performed a puja. The sins of Chaya hatti and Brahmahatti left him forthwith.So this place is tantamount to Rameswaramin this respect. It was here sage Viswamithra got enlightened on Gaytri Mahamantra and was accredited as Brhama Rishi. One Dharma Sharma accursed to appear like a dog by sage metavi . The loathsome curse vanished on Sharma’s worshipping the lord of this place.
It was a hot mid afternoon the Saiveter Dravida sisu Thirugnansambndhar came here, to offer shade, GOD sent a pearly canopy and longed to see the child of Gnosis walking towars him , God ordered the Nandi dev to stand aside, thus for the sake of Thirugnansambndhar’s sake the Nandi moved aside, thus we see the Nandi not in the same line with Siva as is the case in other Siva Temples.
In this Kali Yuga, where there is evil, crime, problems and corruption everywhere, Durga Devi alone can save the people from the evil and guide them towards the right path. She is the destroyer of all the evils and brings peace and harmony in the hearts of her devotees. She gives victory to those who pray to her in all their good-deeds. During the Mahabharatha war, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to pray to Durga Devi to become victorious. Also to successfully complete the Agnatha Vasa, Darma the eldest of the Pandavas sought the mercy of Durga Devi. In Ramayana, Lord Rama worshipped Durga before slaying down Ravana. Durga means Victory. Patteeswaram is situated around 7 kilometers from Kumbakonam, in Tanjore district in TamilNadu. Just as the Pandyas worshipped Goddess Meenakshi, the Cholas worshipped Goddess AshtaBhuja Durga whose temple is situated here. The Durga Devi has eight arms and she holds a parrot in one of her eight arms. She is also called as Vishnu Durga and Durga Lakshmi. She has her feet over the Evil Mahishasura, and has three eyes. Her vahana is the Lion. Unlike her usual ugra or fierce form in other temples, Devi Durga resides here as Shantha Swaroopi. She has kept one of her feet in such a way that she would move immediately to protect her devotee who is in need of her help. Her eight hands hold along with the abhaya hastha, conch, chakra, bow, arrow, sword, kedaya and parrot. Whoever worships Devi Durga will be relieved from their sorrows by Her grace. She protects her devotees just as a mother takes care of her child.

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