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Month Of Shravan

Full moon
Sawan month or Shravan maas is the fifth Hindu month. As per the Hindu scriptures and Vedas, Shravan maas is considered as highly auspicious month. In Vedas, Sawan month is described as ‘Nabhas’. Shravan Purnima (the full moon day in Shravana masam) coincides with with the Nakshatra (birth star) of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, Shravana nakshatra, hence the whole month is called as Shravana masam. This is the main reason why Sravan month is considered as important, significant and auspicious.
Sharavan Mangalvar, Shravan Shukravar and Sawan Sanivar – Three Most Auspicious days in Sravan Month:
Among the seven days in a week, Somvar (Monday) is auspicious in Kartik month; Guruvar (Thursday) is auspicious in Margashirh month and Sunday in Magh maas. But in Shravan month three days in a week are most auspicious – Shravana Mangalvar (Tuesdays in Shravan month), Shravana Shukravar (Fridays in Shravan month) and Shravana Shanivar (Saturdays in Shravan month).
On Tuesdays in Shravan month, newly married brides observe Mangala Gauri Vrata which is performed to get rid of bad omens. On Fridays in Shravan month, married women observe Shravana Shukravar Vrat (Varalakshmi Vratam). On Saturdays in Shravan month, devotees worship Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, particularly Lord Venkatesha (Lord Balaji).
Sawan maas is highly fruitful for good deeds. According to Puranas, performing Grihpravesh in this month is very significant and greatly forecasted. Hindu Astrology tells that the natives who born in Shravan maas are highly honored by the world. Hence Lord Jagannath, Sri Krishna, who was born in Sawan maas, is worshipped and honored by the world. Not only Sri Krishna, but Lord Hayagriva, who was born on Shravan Poornima, and Vaikhanasa Aagama Pravaktha, Vaikhanas Maharshi are also greatly worshipped.
Purnima (full moon day) in this month (Shravan Pournami) is very significant and important. Sharavan Purnima is celebrated as Jandhyala Pournami. On this day, dwijas (who can able to observe Upanayana punaskar) perform Upakarma. Vedas described that this Upakarma helps them in maintaining their spiritual, psychological and physical health. Sawan Purnima is also celebrated as Raksha bandhan (Rakhi festival). Rakhi festival is a great tradition of healthy relationship between brother and sister.
In Sawan month, Vishnu and Lakshmi aradhana (worshipping Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi) is highly meritorious.



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