Friday, February 12, 2010


Dear All this is a web site created by a grandson for his grand father, please read the lovely stories of Bagavatham in the web site created by Mr.Natarajan the grand son.Incidentally Mr.Natarajan is maths teacher in Beharain.

You are now about to begin your mystical journey. This adventure will take you through powerful gods,terrorizing demons,Noble kings,benevolent saints and some just ordinary people. These stories sparkle not only in adventure,romance and intrigue but also have timeless wisdom and deep spiritual meaning.
A tip on how to use this website
You may first go the page of contents where there is a brief discription of each story.
You may then go to the respective chapter and have a detailed reading.
Enjoy every word of this classic and be blessed.
Parents can also read these aloud for their children.

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About The Author:

Sri P.S.Krishna Iyer was a mathematics teacher in the Government Trainning College , Trichur. He retired from the Government college Madapally in 1964 . At an age of ninety two he started writing the book " Tales From The Bhagavatham" Retold For children and completed it in two years. Presently he resides at Palaghat , Kerala

He has written this book when he was 95.
> He is now 101 and resides at palaghat

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