Saturday, June 12, 2010

Golden Vimana For Anjneya Temple Salem

The 7-ft idol of Lord Anjaneya at the famous Anjaneyar Ashram in Salem now has a golden vimana. The first of its kind for the god, the Swarna Vimana was consecrated recently.

The ashram was established in 1976 in Vijayaraghavan Nagar in Jagir Ammapalayam village (now in the heart of Salem) by S. Vijayaraghavan and Vanavaasi Srinivasan along with some devotees. The area once wore a deserted look, was transformed into an idyllic setting thanks to the efforts of R. Nagarajan, a social worker and spiritual speaker.

The beautiful ashram also has sannidhis for Sri Rama, Sakkarathazhwar, the 13 Azhwars, and Sri Ramanuja and Desikan. The ashram draws many devotees on Saturdays from far and wide.

Nagarajan has written a book on the miracles of this lord titled ‘Vindhaigal Purivaai’, which will be released soon. The temple is located close to the Sona College of Technology


The 'BULL' said...

As a resident of Vijaya Raghanavan Nagar of Salem, where this Anjeneya swamy temple is situated and of course LAUD the efforts of Sri NAGARAJAN, still I have some objections to put on, seeing further replies from the Organisers (Say Mr.Nagarajan,himself)

The 'BULL' said...

May I know reply to the comments offered by me as The 'BULL'

The 'BULL' said...

Still I am waiting for replies from the organisers (say Mr.Nagarajan).
Though I have many a doubt, one for example, how an "Upmaa" is being served in ""OUR" templeas "Prasaadam"? If "Upmaa" is a favourite Prasadam, can I have any spiritual reference for that?

The 'BULL' said...

I have consultations on this offering of Uppuma to Lord Anjaneya with a famous Scholar in Vaishnava Sidhdhaanta from Mannargudi. His name is Sri Vidya Rajagopalan.His answer is reproduced below ::--
""Uppuma (In Sanskrit "Sojji Lavana Annam):

Broken rice is prescribed for Ekadesi Vratam if one could not follow fasting. Instead of Pongal, Uppuma is the prasada on Ekadesi days in Ahobila Mutt and other places.

Uppuma is popular in many temples as prasada at all days.
Hanuman took viswaroopa by expansion. Uppuma undergoes expansion and becomes ubbuma (Tamil meaning is bulging). Uppuma is more suitable for Hanuman.

uppuma (kitchadi)
(Paramacharya on South Indian Food-Extracted From Ra.Ganapathi's Book)

If the term uppuma is derived from the fact that we add uppu or salt, then we also add salt to iddly, dosa and pongal! Actually, it is not uppuma but ubbuma! The rava used for this dish expands in size to the full vessel where heated up with water and salt. The action of rava getting expanded is the reason for the term ubbuma.""

The 'BULL' said...

In my opinion and as far as my religious knowledge goes that "if" an Ashram or Temple exits, it should be open with "udaya(Ushat) kaala" pooja by at least 0530 AM and should be closed by Uchikaala pooja (ie.1200 hrs AM). AND whereas this one opened to Devotees only at 0730 hrs/0800 hrs and closed at 1000 hrs (Only Anjaneya know, who has started this procedure). Abhishekams in Vaishvaite Temples being made while chanting "PURUSHASUKTAM" whereas here, you can here only Vishnu Sahasranaama, that only by a Recorder. Neither the "Pundit"(???!!!!) doing the Abhishkam nor any of the "Founders of the Ashram" recite. it. More comments follow........after seeing replies from the "Ashramvaasis"

mrajeshh said...

Mr BUll doesnt has a real face or identity LOL. Please be informed that none of the people pertaining to your comments are available in this blog spot. Accidentally, i saw this old posting.

mrajeshh said...

Also, No one is perfect in this imperfect world. So, rather than commenting and wasting time, do something fruitful so that few gets benefited. I have used my real identity. Dont hide yourself if you believe that you are really existing :)