Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make life simple

By Chitrangada Singh
believe that spirituality is a quest to reach a deeper sense of consciousness It’s a journey to simplify the complexities of lifeWhat brand of clothes you wear, your bank balance or the profession you chose are factors in life which affect one's understanding of spirituality Whether you are clad in a Gucci or flash an expensive brand - if you can save a part of yourself, your innocence and a part of your silence, you can see God or experience Him anywhere If you see goodness in people,.you find goodness coming into your life.

This positivity in your own life translates into a sense of well being and joy that probably no amount of manipulations and strategies can get you Life needs to be simple I probably lack the level of consciousness to remember exactly when my life was touched by the Divine But I can say when I have felt special Many times when I’ve stumbled in life, I’ve felt that I was being guided A lot of times when I have felt terribly weak and unable to go on — my weakness was transformed to my anger.and subsequently my anger became strength.

ll the people in my life who supported me in those moments were nothing but a divine blessing I believe one has to experience sadness to value happiness When we see the bottomless pit of materialism, we open our minds’ doors to spirituality which is nothing but a quest to satiate one’s mind Spirituality is extremely personal and individualistic, and has nothing to do with a talisman or Cavalli briefs with images of God that you wearIn a day-to-day context, spirituality means keeping malice.and negativity at bay, seeing goodness in others and saving yourself from the set rules of the world.

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