Friday, December 5, 2008

Prime God Head

Prime Godhead
By SrI N.Veezh Nathan
Courtesy The Hindu
The Lord’s cosmic form is as awe inspiring and awesome as it is unique in many respects. This is evident from Arjuna’s reaction to the direct perception of the unprecedented scale and magnitude of this form. When Arjuna saw the wonderful vision, spanning as it were the entire range of the universe and with no beginning, middle or end, he was overwhelmed to perceive the Lord as the abode of the beautiful and the terrible, the evil and the good as well, said The truth that the Lord alone is the only Knowledge worth knowing becomes clear to Arjuna. He is far beyond all and hence known as Akshara. The Yogis, the Vedas, and scriptures reflect either an individual or a collective search of this Supreme Brahman.
Arjuna realises that this manifestation is the final refuge and resort of all. He sees the Asuras entering the mouth of the all encompassing vision. Some of those whom he sees extol Him while some are scared of the sight. The fear evoking form revealed the great invincible warriors, Bhishma, Drona, Karna and many others along with all the sons of Dhritarashtra heading to the Lord’s enormous mouth.
The analogies used in this context — of rivers racing towards the ocean or moths rushing swiftly into a blazing fire to perish there — indicate the compulsive force that drives each one to face the consequences of one’s actions. Seeing this ferocious form, Arjuna bows in obeisance to the Lord and wishes to seek deeper knowledge of Him. Arjuna wanted to know who this form belonged to, who seemed to him to be the Primordial Being.
Lord Krishna describes Himself as Time (Kala). Time is the prime cause of the universe, for the Lord is constantly creating, protecting and destroying. Time is the eternal flow moving without any break. The Lord is outside the concept of time as we human beings perceive time. That is why He is able to control the events knowing the past, present and future. He tells Arjuna that what is now happening is the result of actions done in the past.
Though the Lord’s supremacy makes Him unconquerable, He can can be won over by Bhakti.

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