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Guddattu Vinyaka Temple

Guddattu Vinayaka Templle
Lord Ganesh has always been a mystery to the world. Belived to be remover of obstacles, has always been worshiped first among other Gods. This god of international acclaim is unrisaged in different shapes and environments.
Here is something that has to sun, to be belived. Guddattu Vinayaka is the only Jaladhivasa Ganapathi availeble in the country and is unique of its kind. The temple stands on the foot of a huge granitc rock, which itself looks like a sleeping elephant. On the eastern portion of the rock, at the ground level there exists a cave and the ‘swayombhi’ (emerged on its own) Ganesha with his legs folded, trunk twisted towards sight, is sun in a sitting posture. The cave will always be kept filled with water which submerges the diti up to neck level. The thru feet Idol of lord Ganesha is a black stone sculpture with little gap around. The lord is visible charly through a hote when the aarathi is preformed or with the help of wick lamp.
Even though the hole sanction samctorum is natural one, Mukhamantapa, Thirthamantapa, Hebbagilu, Pauli etc. were constructed with granitc structure as per temple vastu and is very attractive one. On either side of the rock there is forest and lush green paddy fields and the place is Arene and picturesque. Even though no body knows as to when it came to existance, the temple is laricived to be very ancient.
The special pooja here is a unique as the idol itself. The mahapooja called ‘Ayarakoda’ which means ‘Sahasrakumbabhisheka’ starts with draining the water from the cave and performing various such as Tailabhyanjana, Panchamrutha, Rudrabhisheka etc and aarathi to the idol insdie the care fast section of the pooja condions abhisheka with water chanting ‘Paramana Sooktham” till the water overflows from the cave, that is upto neck level of the idol. All those performance requires about thousand pots of water and hence Pooja is called “Ayarakoda” (Ayara means thousand in Tamil & Malayalam). Then Mahamangalarathi will be performed and lunch will be served. This is very famous seva and derotus have to book their dates at least six months in advance apart from this, Ganahoma, Mudiakkikadabu, Kayi Moodaganapathi, Panchakajjaya etc will also be performed.
The temple is Managed by Sri G. Ananthapadmanabha Adiga, Heriditary trustee and also pradhana Archaka. The temple has had an array of renovation and so far around to lakhs rupees was spent for renovation of Mukhamantapa, Thirthamanatapa, Hebbagilu, Pauli etc. Another one crore project for the further developments such as kitchen dining halls, swagatha gopura, Yagashala, Guest house, Pushkarini etc. has been finalised and the managing trustee is confident of completing these development works within five years with wholeharted support from the devotees.
Guddattu Vinayaka Templle is about 35 k.m. from Udupi via Brahmavara - Barkur, Shiriyara, about 15 k.m. from Kundapur via Koteshwara - Hunsemakhi -Guddeangady, about 10 k.m. from Shankaranarayana via Halady - Bidkalkatte - Shiriyara.
For more details devotees may contact the Managing Trustee Sri G. Annanthapadmanabha Adiga at the below given address:
Sri Vinayak Temple, Guddattu,
Yadadi Mathyadi Post,
Kundapura Tq. Udupi Dist.,
Karnataka State
INDIA - 576 222.

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