Thursday, October 4, 2012

Action without vision creates division. Vision without action is imagination. Vision with action leads to transformation, says Swami Tejomayananda, global head of Chinmaya Mission. When the vision of oneness, a higher vision, is absent it creates divisions in the family, company, community, nation and the world. Self-importance is the cause for divisions at any level. In a family there are conflicts, in a company there is manipulation, in a community there is fanaticism, in a country each state wants its own independence and internationally there are wars. This is all because of the absence of vision of oneness -- one harmonious family, one strong nation, one peaceful global family.
When there is a great vision but nothing is done to implement it, it remains as imagination. There may be great spiritual knowledge and cultural glory -- yet we suffer because we need much more implementation and application of the knowledge. Hence vision coupled with action alone causes transformation.

Transformation is not just change. Change is often reversible and external. But transformation is lasting and happens from within. A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. A child transforms into a youth and an adult. A country transforms into a nation. A nation transforms from a developing nation to a developed nation. We have transformed as a country to attain political freedom and have come a long way since then. We have the potential to lead the world in the decades to come. To manifest that potential into performance, vision into action, we need fundamental transformation and not just in the constitution, judiciary, political system, education, infrastructure, economy and transport. What we need is transformation of attitudes and mindsets.
We want an efficient, united, corruption-free, prosperous, truly educated and just India. But have we thought what India needs from us? India needs transformed people with vision.

“A geographical area where a population survives is called a country. A geographical area where a people live is called a nation. How are we to transform population into people? Nation-building should necessarily have a goal for the whole nation, with which each one can get inspired. With such a devoted goal we can surrender our ego and selfish desires,” says Swami Chinmayananda.

We need transformation in seven areas to enable personal, holistic transformation and through that, a transformed India. “If Indians transform to become physically fit, emotionally strong, intellectually refined, culturally rooted, actively patriotic and spiritually uplifted with the vision of universal oneness, India will be revitalised. Indians will not only gain at a personal level, but will be positive contributors to society across the world,” says Swami Mitrananda of the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra.

When India was oppressed, a timid Lakshmi was transforming into a brave Rani of Jhansi; India fought back the oppressors. When India was slumbering, Narendra was transforming into Swami Vivekananda and India went from weakness to strength. When Jamsetji Tata transformed to be the Father of Indian Industry, India began to recognise its potential to compete globally. When India was struggling for freedom, M K Gandhi was transforming into Mahatma Gandhi, and India was on its way to attaining political freedom. When Verghese transformed into Amul Verghese Kurien India grew from insufficiency into the largest milk producing country in the world. When a fisherman’s son, Abdul, transformed into scientist and later President Kalam, India began to revive her scientific progress. The new generation today is awake to ancient wisdom across cultures that tirelessly assert that “In individual transformation lies world redemption.”

The author is president and acharya, Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai. Visit

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